Sky of the Heart Spring Healing Program

Traditional healing, wisdom and practices to transform your life, May 2017

May is the zenith of the energies of spring: new growth bringing forth an abundance of life expression. Nature invites us to awaken and move with her creative force. The exquisite young green cloak of the forest, bursting forth with the bloom of the plant people is asking us to shake off the sleep of winter and burst into full flower. Join us for this month-long experiential exploration of shamanic healing and perspectives: harmonizing with the elemental energies of spring. The program begins Saturday April 29th and runs through Wednesday May 24th at the Sky of the Heart Preserve 20 minutes north of downtown Asheville. We are located on 40 acres of exquisite field and forest along the Ivy River. This unique non-residential program is designed to allow participants to carry on with daily life while receiving strong, steady healing support.

Traditional Healing, Wisdom and Practices

This non-residential program allows you to maintain your daily routines of work and family whilst receiving regular, direct support to integrate change and fresh perspective. Our simple schedule includes three visits per week: a personal healing session, a support fire, and joyful and engaging lifeskill classes. Some of the ways you can benefit: 

  • Receive weekly traditional shamanic healing.
  • Engage traditional wisdom and learn practices to navigate these emotionally challenging times.
  • Connect to Heart.  
  • Slow down and join the elemental flow of spring. Stop the momentum of the mind and awaken to the healing presence of the natural world.
  • Manifest the energies of spring by revealing the intentions of your Heart, in alignment with the Divine direction for your life. 
  • Experience your essential Self. Explore the Awareness that is the ground of your being


Sky of the Heart Retreat Center

Our retreat is offered on 40 acres of beautiful riverfront land 20 minutes north of Asheville, North Carolina. The healing presence of the land, the river and the sacred fire are an integral part of our work.  Immersing oneself in the beauty of nature and the elemental forces is a potent way to remember the source of our life.   Slowing down and allowing ourselves to move at the pace of the natural world brings rejuvenation and restores balance in our life.   

 The Three Retreat Elements 

Teaching Fires

We gather in circle by the fire: to ask, to learn, to listen. What is healing? How do I move with these strong swirling emotions? If we are designed to live in community, what does healing in a community context look like? Explore the common heart. Clarify daily practices to enhance change. Engage conversations of discovery and ask questions about shamanic perspective on life and healing.

Individual Healing Sessions

Shamanic healing is traditional spiritual medicine, in which healing is encouraged through the power of nature and the Divine. Indigenous wisdom traditions swim in a rich sea of relationship and connection to both these presences. Our traditional healing work restores balance to these relationships and transforms ingrained patterns of energy, perspective and behavior that keep us stuck in the illusion of separation from the living world around us.


The program includes 4 half-day workshops teaching practical wisdom for daily life. Learn skills to create a healthier balance between heart and mind. Deepen your capacity to listen to the rhythm of nature. Be nourished and inspired by food and the act of cooking. Bring the sacred back into the simple tasks of daily life. Feed your spirit through the joy of feeling the richness of emotion.

Discover Sky of the Heart Workshops

The Heart Awareness Journey: Aligning your Dreams with the Dream of the Divine
Would you like the authentic knowing of your heart to be your guide? Do you feel the call to align with your heart’s vision – your true compass?
We hear so much about “manifesting our dreams”. But how do you know if your dreams are in alignment with your heart’s vision and your true purpose? Many “dreams” are simply desires, born of a sense of lack, and will never create fulfillment – even if realized. It is in revealing the authentic knowing of the heart, which is aligned with the Divine, that you find true fulfillment and joy.
 Presented by Prema Sheerin, Traditional Healer, Teacher and Life Coach
Food Is Medicine

We will take a ‘Food is Medicine’ approach to create a new experience of ‘how to take care of yourself’ and become healthier. We’ll focus on some simple techniques and approaches that you can bring to your own kitchen and apply every day. We’ll take an experiential approach to make a wonderful meal, and share it together. Feed your body-feed your soul.
Presented by Patrick Hanaway MD, and Traditional Healer and
Lisa Lichtig MD, and Traditional Healer



Listening to the Dream of Nature
Deep Listening is an experiential practice that allows you to slow down the momentum of mind and be present. By listening to the sound-field around us we begin  slowing the mind and move towards the sky of the heart. Experience the spaciousness of heart as it shows up all around us in the natural world . Feel the invisible rhythm of the " song of the world". Notice how the world responds when we listen and direct our awareness to it. Experience that everything is alive and in relationship.
Presented by Scott Sheerin, Traditional Healer, Teacher and Musician





Emotional Wisdom: Get Unstuck, Flow with Change and Experience the Divine Wisdom of your Feelings
Would you like your emotions to be a source of guidance rather than confusion?
Our feelings offer us a whole other realm of intelligence and guidance about how to respond effectively to life. However, in our culture we are taught to label certain emotions “positive” and others “negative” and we learn to subdue uncomfortable feelings or distract ourselves from them. If we are not happy we can feel that we are failing. This is the source of much of our depression, addiction, stress and illness. Feeling our emotions and expressing them in a balanced way is an essential part of a healthy life. Our emotions are an integral part of the way we listen to the world and allow ourselves to be guided, both by our cherished values, and by the Divine.
Presented by Prema Sheerin, Traditional Healer, Teacher and Life Coach

Why This? Why Now?

 In these times of great need and change the imbalance of modern culture can feel overwhelming. With so much at stake how can our social and political structures be so divisive and self-serving? How can we each find a way to lead on a path towards balance?

 What can I do to make a stand for the sacredness of life? How can I acknowledge my feelings of fear, grief and anger that arise from the devastation and desolation of modern life? Is there a way to be joyfully human in the face of what is happening all around us?

 Sky of the Heart Retreat Staff

A Gift for Registering!

For joining us at The Sky of the Heart Spring Healing Program, we would be delighted to gift you one year's free subscription to Healing Music Now (a $50 value). Healing Music Now is a subscription streaming service featuring the music of Scott Sheerin, traditional healer. Shamanic music for healing, meditation, yoga, and rest. Healing Music Now has over 50 hours of original music available for streaming 24/7 with new music being added seasonally.

"We offer a specialized niche of peaceful healing music drawn from the living spirit of nature by traditional healer Scott Sheerin. These songs are organic and recorded through live instrumentation. For a low monthly fee we offer a custom solution to the need for music for: Personal self-care, Meditation, Massage, Medical Waiting Rooms, Yoga Studios, Spas, and more."

~Music can go where other medicines cannot reach~