Schedule – Spring Healing Program

When and Where?

The Sky of the Heart Spring Healing Program will run from Saturday April 29th through Wednesday May 24th. During this time you would need to be present for sessions three times per week. Attendance at all sessions is recommended but not required. The program will be held at our retreat center 20 minutes north of downtown Asheville. We are located on 40 acres of exquisite field and forest along the Ivy River.

Most of our work will be done in the tipi or the Council House around the sacred fire. We will also be walking the trails on the land and visiting the river connecting with the beauty and spirit of earth, water and sky.

Time Committments

Aside from the financial commitment your investment includes a willingness to give yourself the luxury of slowing down the pace of your life for awhile so that you can really engage with the different elements of the program. There will be three visits to our center each week: one hour long healing session, one two-hour evening fire gathering, and four half-day workshops during weekends. One of the values of a concentrated immersion in this work is that there is an increased opportunity to interrupt the incredible momentum and pressure of our lives, to reflect and renew, with guidance and support. This is a gift you can give to yourself which will also bring benefits and blessings into the lives of those around you.



  • Each week personal healing sessions will be scheduled by appointment. 
  • Each Wednesday evening features a teaching fire. Come and share your emotions and listen to others. Explore healing in a community context. Integrate learning. Engage and ask questions. 



April 29

2pm to 9pm

  • Sky of the Heart opening ceremony.
  • Listening to the Heart: Deep listening and connection through fire, beginning to slow down using the natural sounds of the world around us, our own voice and the presence of others.
  • The Heart Awareness Journey: A guided journey to experience the presence and guidance of heart.



May 6

10am to 6pm


May 7

9:30am to 1:30pm

  • Emotional Wisdom: Get unstuck, flow with change and experience your emotions as a source of wisdom and effective action.
  • What are emotions? Where do they come from? What do they want?
  • Experience the Divine presence of feeling.



May 13

2pm to 9:30pm

  • Food is Medicine - we will cook a meal together to engage practical wisdom on the true nature of eating and the relationship between food and our well-being.
  • Revisit the Heart Awareness Journey


May 20

2pm to 6pm

  • Revisit the Heart Awareness Journey
  • Listening to the Dream of Nature