Listening to the Dream of Nature

Listening to the Dream of Nature


As humans we have a birthright to be nourished by and to be part of the dream of nature. Join me for a series relaxing and fun sessions practicing opening our awareness to the sound-field around us in nature and begin to expand your awareness of where we are and who we are in relation to this miraculous place. Experience the re-creation of the sacred through the sounds of everyday life. Explore the mystery of being human through the tapestry of sound surrounding us in the living world. Have fun with listening and explore your authentic self around the fire and along the river. Notice how when you direct your awareness to the living world, the world responds. Everything is alive and in relationship.

  • Connect to heart through fire and simple ceremony.
  • Learn practical ways to expand your listening awareness to really begin to " hear".
  • Have a "realtime" experience of the dream of nature.
  • Slow down the momentum of the mind and listen to the wind, fire and river.
  • Take home practices to deepen this work in your daily life.

About Scott Sheerin: teacher and founder of

My deep interest in healing and the spiritual dimensions of music have led me to a long apprenticeship in learning the ways of music as prayer and music as medicine. I work as a traditional healer or mara'kame, initiated with the blessings of the Huichol ancestors. My training in the traditional healing and ritual ways of the Wixarika, ( Huichol Indians), helps me to listen to the song of the world and express what is ultimately mysterious and Silent.

Over the past 18 years I have been making healing music recordings as an independent recording artist. These recordings are in use around the globe in a variety of therapeutic settings. I serve on staff at shamanic healing retreats at the Blue Deer Center in the Catskill Mountains and locally here at the Sky of the Heart Preserve where I live and work north of Asheville, (NC.) surrounded by these exquisite old mountains. Our retreat site is along the Ivy River, whose song helps to sustain many beings, seen and unseen, in these parts. Thank you.