Journey to the Heart of Music

Journey to the Heart of Music

Saturday April 15   10am until 6pm

Sky of the Heart Preserve  20 minutes north of Asheville

As humans we all have a birthright to express our experiences through the sounds and rhythms of life. We are born with a voice that knows how to sing when we let it. In modern culture we are conditioned to leave music to specialists or to treat it as a commodity we purchase and use. Traditional peoples knew that Music is the oldest form of healing and vital to ritual and ceremony thus vital to the balance of life. By the fire the old ones told stories from the time before time of how the world is continually being sung into existence. The world is music. Our lives are being sung by a web of divine mysterious forces. Through the ages humans have trusted music as a friend and ally in times of joy and in times of grief and loneliness. No wonder then that listening and creating music has such strong potential to move us and promote balance of body, mind and spirit.

 Journey to the Heart of Music is a one day experiential workshop focussed on learning ancient time honored ways to connect within yourself, through the fire in your heart, to the living world around us through sound. Our practices will move us toward expanded awareness of who we are in this moment, what we are hearing and exploring how to allow authentic heart expression through sound, move from within you out into the world.

 This workshop is open to musicians of all experience levels, singers, and anyone who has a sincere interest to explore the mysteries of sound and the sacred nature of being. The class is focussed on doing and experiencing. We will work by the sacred fire, in the forest and along the river, asking for help and guidance from the elemental forces and divine natural presences here. Slowing down the mind and welcoming the presence of heart is a great place to begin listening from and making music from. Our work together will be relaxing, fun and healing. Learn new skills to foster the re-emergence of the sacred in your practice of music. 

About Scott Sheerin workshop presenter and founder of

My deep interest in healing and the spiritual dimensions of music have led me to a long apprenticeship in learning the ways of music as prayer and music as medicine. I work as a traditional healer or mara'kame, initiated with the blessings of the Huichol ancestors. I have spent a lifetime uncovering what spirit is wanting to express in any given moment through the voices that are available. I believe music speaks of the energy of fire and heart, the transformational and connective force in the world. I support music that invites the listener out of the dream of separation and into the dream of nature. Music that slows down the mind and connects us to heart. Whatever capacities I have to bring this presence into music come from a long and steady learning relationship with the Gods or Divine forces in the world.

I feel it is my love and devotion to Fire, the transformative force in the universe, that holds the music together and breathes it into life. My training in the traditional healing and ritual ways of the Wixarika ( Huichol Indians) helps me to listen to the song of the world and express what is ultimately mysterious and Silent.

This work is about music as a doorway to the experience of heart. The heart is in the present moment and is meant to be a reliable guide for how we move in life. The heart just knows. In modern culture much of our sickness has it's roots in the tyranny of the mind's insistence on telling us what is really going on. I hold the perspective that this practice of music as healing helps return us to the dream of nature, a place where everything is alive and in relationship. This music is inspired by and drawn from nature. The wind, the sacred waters, the cloud people all are speaking to us and are asking for us to listen. Listening can be learned as a spiritual practice and is the foundation of effective prayer.

Over the past 18 years I have been making healing music recordings as an independent recording artist. These recordings are in use around the globe in a variety of therapeutic settings.  I serve on staff at shamanic healing retreats at the Blue Deer Center in the Catskill Mountains and locally here along the Blue Ridge at the Sky of the Heart Preserve where I live and work north of Asheville NC, surrounded by these exquisite old mountains. My studio and our retreat site is here along the Ivy River, whose song helps to sustain many beings, seen and unseen, in these parts. Thank you.