Being Human in times of Great Change

March 25/26 2017

Traditional wisdom and practices to transform the stress, grief and anger of a world out of balance.

" The enemy is fear. We think it is hate. But it is fear." Gandhi

How can I take a stand for the sacredness of all life?

In these times of great need and change the speed and imbalance of modern culture can feel overwhelming. With so much at stake how can our social and political structures be so divisive and self-serving?  What can I do to make a stand for the sacredness of life? Is there a way to be joyfully human in the face of what is happening all around us? There is a way. A way known for millennia by traditional peoples around the world. Join us for this one and a half day experiential exploration of traditional shamanic healing perspectives on heart connection, emotional fluidity and sacred action,  March 25/26 at the Sky of the Heart Preserve  20 minutes north of Asheville. We are located on 40 acres of exquisite field and forest along the Ivy River. We will gather by the sacred fire and speak our story. Illuminate and express our feeling. Turning our eyes and ears to the divine natural world around us for support, guidance and connection. This program is offered by Prema and Scott Sheerin, traditional healers ( marakames') in the medicine path of the Huicholes of the Sierra Madres.

 Are you deeply affected by the political and social events occurring in America and around the world right now? Do you feel a consuming dread and hopelessness for our predicament? What is this time asking of you? What can the old ways show us about the mystery of being human in times of great change? 

Being Human: in Times of Great Change

In this weekend retreat we will work by the fire in the council house and along the river which surrounds us. You can commute or stay here at the lodge for the weekend. Immerse yourself. Gently slow down to the rhythm of nature. Allow the pain and suffering of this tumultuous and highly charged cultural climate to express and release into the grace of the mountains. With the warmth and light of the fire regain your center and grounded heart connection to create a sustainable future with courage, strength and humour. Some of the ways you can benefit:

  • Engage traditional wisdom and learn practices to navigate these emotionally challenging times.
  • Listen and be heard in sacred space.
  • Connect to Heart through the fire of emotion.
  • Look straight at your fear and feel your courage and strength awaken.
  • Slow down. Moving with the rhythm of the natural world invites rejuvenation and wellness.
  • Illuminate your core values for a life of meaning and service.
  • Add your voice to a community gathered to build relationship and bring forth healing.
  • Monthly follow-up fires provide ongoing support and integration. Together we experience the power of not facing this alone.


Sky of the Heart Preserve

The Sky of the Heart Preserve is dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional healing wisdom and heart connection. It is the home of four traditional healers, two men and two women who have been initiated after long apprenticeship in the Huichol medicine path. Being Human programs and our other shamanic healing retreats are held here on 40 acres of beautiful riverfront land 20 minutes north of Asheville, North Carolina. The healing presence of the land, the river and the sacred fire are an integral part of our work.  Immersing oneself in the beauty of nature and the elemental forces is a potent way to remember the source of our life.   Slowing down and allowing ourselves to move at the pace of the natural world brings rejuvenation and wellness as balance is restored.

 At our Being Human in times of Great Change program you can commute or stay for the weekend in our cozy lodge with a fully equipped kitchen. There are magical trails to the cliffs and river as well as open fields in which to stretch out and drink in the Appalachian sky. 

 Elements of Being Human 

Heart Connection

With the blessings and guidance of Fire we will open a sacred space. A safe container in which we  explore, as a healing community, the relationship between what is happening in the world, our response to it, and how to take effective action that is grounded in heart guidance. Our hearts connect us to the living world and are designed to guide us toward effective action.

Individual Healing Sessions

Shamanic healing is traditional spiritual medicine, in which healing is encouraged through the power of nature and the Divine. Indigenous wisdom traditions swim in a rich sea of relationship and connection to both these presences. Traditional healing work restores balance to these relationships and transforms ingrained patterns of energy, perspective and behavior that keep us stuck in the illusion of separation from the living world around us.

The Wisdom of Emotion

For many of us anger, grief and most of all fear, are rising in response to the moral, ethical and practical problems looming ahead from recent political events. As well we are surrounded by a global field of grief for our diminishing wilderness and the loss of relationship with the traditional world of spirit. What if our emotions are here to help and guide us? 

Program schedule March 25th and 26th
Saturday 2pm until 10pm   Sunday 9:30am until 1:30pm
Overnight accommodation is available in our cozy lodge.
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