What is the Sound of Healing?

Traditional healing is drawn from the spirit of nature-the Divine natural world. At the heart of this healing is the restoration of our relationships with the world. All of it. The humans, our inner perspectives and feelings, and with the ever-present movement of nature and all her presences. Music and the world of sound express these mysterious presences in a way that can inspire, calm and lead us where we need to go. The song of the winds. The Ocean, rivers and streams. Animal talk and bird calls. All of this is part of the song of the world.
Learn simple relaxing practices this January to expand your capacity to listen and be nourished by the sound of the present moment. To hear the wind and fire, the birds, and the voice of heart.
Listening to the Dream of Nature is just one of the workshops you’ll receive at our Winter healing program. As the quiet of winter sets in, listen to the stillness of heart and feel the presence of the ancient ones. About Prema and Scott


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