Wisdom of Grief

Our emotions are not just personal. We are part of an emotional field that surrounds and moves us in unseen ways. In this time of climate change and mass extinctions due to human overpopulation and lack of respect for the living world, there is a huge field of unspoken grief. There is also unimaginable loss from the near extinction of traditional indigenous peoples who have been, and continue to be, genocided and marginalized by the dominant culture. The land itself, which is an ancestral field, grieves for the loss of the ones who maintained the traditions: tending to the sacred relationships with the divine presences which are the very source of life.
An elder once said if we could feel even for a split second a fraction of the grief for what we have lost as humans in today’s world, the enormity of it would kill us. The end of many animals. The end of breathable air and pure water. Great forests are like museums now, a reminder of how earth used to be. There is an island of plastic the size of Texas floating around the middle of the Pacific. Food is grown without respect and with poisonous chemicals.Our homes are full of and made of toxic materials. The darkness of night itself is under assault through the insistence of electric lights.
Our days and nights are full of backlit screens and devices overflowing with alternative versions of reality. Images, words and sounds coming at us so fast and never stopping. We are defined as “consumers”. Our worth being assigned a value according to what we can purchase and for how long. Youth is worshipped as the elders in our society drift away, often in a distracted TV soaked loneliness.
Our new government leaders represent the patriarchal world view of taking and using without respect, love or exchange. Obsessed with personal aggrandizement and sowing the seeds of fear against all others. Their message is amplifying the imbalance of our situation.
What can we do to find our center in this moment? How can we be nourished and also be of service to others? It may begin with slowing down and getting off the hamster wheel. Stepping out of the media bubble which engulfs many of our days and listening to the wind and the birds instead. Cultivating awareness of what we are feeling and allowing it to move us towards the sacred in everyday life. Towards the presence of heart, courage and strength.
It may begin with connecting deeply with nature and the elemental forces which underpin our world. It is our birthright to be immersed in and nourished by nature. Perhaps we are being called to look at who we really are in this moment. What are our core values? How can we live them through sacred action?
There is another world and it is right here in front of our faces. We only need to slow down and look and feel. I am one of four traditional healers who live and work on the Sky of the Heart Preserve 20 minutes north of Asheville NC. We support and engage with the work of the Sacred Fire Community http:// locally and internationally. We also offer traditional healing and teaching programs and retreats here along the Blue Ridge

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