Being Human in times of great change.



The enemy is fear. We think it is hate. But it is fear.


In this time of great change strong currents of emotion are swirling. It seems we have reached a new place of social and political divisiveness so strong that it engenders a sense of disbelief. And as if the human to human conflicts aren’t bad enough, we are in the time of climate change and the destruction of the natural world that gives us our lives.

There is a shadow lurking in many made of fear. Fear for the future of our very existence. Rising tides of titanic grief, silently gathering for all that is being lost and for the suffering to come. Anger as our boundaries and values of civil discourse, truth, honesty and integrity are demolished day by day. How can greed trump stewardship of this precious world for the benefit of seven generations and all our relations?

The elder ones say that humans do not value something until it is lost or taken away. Many of us feel that we are at that moment. When do we take action to make changes in lifestyle? When we become sick. That’s when we awaken and hear the call to move in a different way towards balance. It’s no surprise we find ourselves in an overwhelmingly vast dangerous mess and are awakening to the need for change beginning now.

There is a certain way in which what happens in the world is undeniable. It is here. This means that the Gods support this destructive presence here at this time. All forces in this world have divine origin and are here as part of the great song of the creator. The opportunity is to embrace these events as a chance to deeply learn what is being asked of us at this time.

For many of us the result of this surreal and alarming election cycle is a call to action. An opportunity to turn to the mystery of what we cannot see and to recommit to our core values. It is time to listen. To feel and express. And to move with the divine flow of life no matter what is going on around us.

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