Now is the Time

In these times of great need and change the imbalance of modern culture can feel overwhelming. With so much at stake how can our social and political structures be so divisive and self-serving? How can we each find a way to lead on a path towards balance?

 What can I do to make a stand for the sacredness of life? How can I acknowledge my feelings of fear, grief and anger that arise from the devastation and desolation of modern life? Is there a way to be joyfully human in the face of what is happening all around us?

Do these questions resonate for you? The tremendous momentum of modern life feels unstoppable and can create feelings of resignation and hopelessness.  There is another way. It is the way of heart. Slowing down the pace of thought and opening to the vision of heart. That which connects us to life. Fire is the antidote to the speed, fear and doubt of the mind which is the signature of today’s culture.

Reconnect to your emotions as a kind of Divine weather moving through us. In fact our feelings arise so as to move us in just the way that we need –  to align with life in each moment. Letting go of thoughts about our feelings and diving right into the ocean of emotion. It is said that emotions are an essential  way that the Gods move through us.

Listen to the dream of nature, the song of the world is all around us: the wind, birds, animals, humans. Hafiz says ” Where is the doorway to God? In the sound of a dog barking, a hammer on a nail.” The world is always speaking to us if we take the time to open our awareness and listen.

What is the nature of healing? Is it fixing a problem? Or could it be about dwelling less in the confines of thoughts and instead living more in joy and meaningful connection through heart? To find the sweet spot in life, where your life begins to sing. There will always be problems and troubles in life, up to and including death. But as humans we are designed for this full range of experience and to hold it all in joy. Knowing who we are. Living with gratitude for all of the sacred presence in life. Move in this direction and many things can change. Symptoms physical and mental change their size and shape and life begins to feel different.

Allow yourself to flow with the natural energy of winter this January, to turn within and explore your essential nature. To listen and feel. To laugh and weep. To be nourished. To embrace the mystery. To receive warmth and light in the coldest and darkest season.  Please join us at the Sky of the Heart Winter Healing Retreat._jcw4565

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