At the Sky of the heart Preserve we offer traditional healing, wisdom and practices to transform your life.

You're invited to visit us at the Sky of the Heart Preserve 20 minutes north of Asheville NC. Explore our workshops, healing retreats, programs or individual traditional healing sessions. Discover a community of relationship with the natural world that gives us our lives. Slow down to the rhythm of nature. Be nourished by the elemental forces: through the beauty of river, forest, sky and the sacred fire. Listen to the wind and the voice of your heart.  

Upcoming Programs - Winter 2018

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Sky of the Heart Preserve


The Sky of the Heart Preserve is the home of four traditional healers, two men and two women who have been initiated as mara åkames after years of apprenticeship in the Huichol medicine path. We hold that: 

Our sustainable future is rooted in traditional indigenous wisdom. To be fully human is to live from the knowing of the heart.

As initiated healers ( Mara åkate ) we promote the re-emergence of the sacred in everyday life. We cultivate awareness of the common heart through connection with all our relations - both seen and unseen.